Halo 4 Dropping in November

Halo 4 Dropping in November

What to do… Vote for the next President of the United States or play Halo 4 all day? Decisions. Decisions.

If you don’t live in the United States, follow politics, or just don’t care much about dates then you may not have picked up on what I did there. According to Microsoft, Halo 4 will be out on November 6, 2012, better known as Election Day.

Halo 4 marks the return of the beloved Master Chief in a brand new trilogy, but also issues in an era where Halo is no longer developed by Bungie. As a result, we may be seeing a great deal of changes in how we play Halo.

Seeing as how there is a firm release date, the chances of there being a playable version at E3 have pretty much skyrocketed to right around 100%, so we will certainly have more coverage and game impressions at that time. Microsoft also said that we’ll get some more information regarding Halo 4 on  tonight’s Conan O’Brian show.

Image by:~Cubist-Assassin64

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