GTA V Release Date Potentially Leaked By Animator

GTA V Release Date Potentially Leaked By Animator

A posted resumé on the net doesn’t go unscrutenised…

It seems that an animator’s CV (that’s resumé for my American pals across the pond) has potentially revealed the release date of Grand Theft Auto V. As you no doubt know, information on GTA V has been incredibly scarce since earlier in the year when a trailer was shown, but this leak may have revealed that we were in fact getting GTA 5 very soon.

The resumé in the spotlight is that of animator Alexander O’Dwyer, who claims he has been working on Grand Theft Auto V, listing it under his ‘shipped titles’ section of the resumé.

As with anything of this nature it’s extremely hard to tell if it’s legit, but it does seem like an awfully professional resumé for somebody who just wanted to troll the internet.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to return the series to the wonderfully glorious San Andreas (one of my favourite GTA areas) and I’ve been waiting on tenterhooks to get more information about it for so long now I’ve descended into madness and starting painting GTA V on the walls of my house in suspicious materials. Ok, maybe I’m not that bad. Yet.

For now, pencil Grand Theft Auto V in for a tentative October 2012 release date as that’s exactly what Alexander listed on his resumé.

The resumé in question has since been pulled. Hmmmm….suspicious…

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