The Week In Gaming: Mad Controllers, Diablo, and God of War IV

The Week In Gaming: Mad Controllers, Diablo, and God of War IV

Did you know stuff happened this week? 

Never fear – The Week in Gaming has returned! After a brief week of not putting in an appearance due the H key on my old laptop deciding to break utterly and leaving me without a means of typing articles (it’s really quite shocking how much H comes up in this English language malarkey) the latest satirical ramble through what’s happened this week in gaming is sure to be more wonderful than ever before.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Play Diablo 3 Right Now!

For many, it’s the news they’ve been waiting years for. It may not be the full game yet, but Blizzard this week is actually letting you PLAY Diablo 3. That’s right – Diablo 3 isn’t just some myth like the Final Fantasy VII remake (which I’m still waiting for); instead you can go and download a client right now that allows you free access this weekend ahead of the games’ official release date.

If your internet connection is as quick as mine (IE, not very quick at all and just a smidgeon better than dial-up) you’ll probably have to wait a while to download the client. Set it away right now, go do some knitting, pop to the lavatory. take the ring to Mordor, and it should be done for when you get back.

So get downloading! Blizzard has announced you can play as any of the announced five announced Diablo 3 classes up to level 13, so they’re being pretty damn generous to get you started!

If you don’t want to play it right now and instead want to wait for full release, the Diablo 3 release date is currently slated as May 15th 2012.


Sony Patents Mysterious New Controller

Frequent listeners of the ManaTank Podcast will know all about fellow MT Editor Eric Pederson’s obsession with the pineapple slicer, so imagine his joy when he found out he could transform a Move controller into the pineapple slicer using the beauty of image editing!  He did just that in this article, which is all about Sony patenting a new controller that looks like a cross between a motorbike and chronic diarrhoea.

There it is, over just below. It’s pretty special looking really, and looks about as comfortable to hold as a poisonous adder with a penchant for biting testicles.

PS4 Controller

It almost seems as if Sony has gone down the whole Wii U route and decided that bulky controllers are the future. Is this what the Playstation 4’s controller will look like, or some accessory for an upcoming PS3 title? It’s pretty impossible to tell at this point but there’s one thing for sure, and that is your forearms would be massive after lugging that thing around.

More details about the controller are available in the full version of the article.

The Humble Bundle Returns

Falcon Punch

I do hope you’re enjoying the totally random GIFs that have nothing to do with anything in particular. I certainly am.

We move on now to some more (almost) free stuff. That’s right, everyone’s favourite indie bundle of games has returned this week, allowing you to pick up a few indie classics for next to nothing.

See that’s the beauty of Humble Bundle – you pay exactly how much you want depending on how much you think the games are worth. So whether you’re a total skinflint and want to bid a couple of dollars or instead want to give them your life savings, the Humble Bundle has you pretty much covered.

Proceeds from the purchases go to charity and the games themselves are worth around $53 in total.

For more information on the bundle, check out the article.

 Matt Has Thoughts about Kickstarter


This week also saw our podcast host and site co-founder Matt Eades putting his thoughts down in an article about Kickstarter.

Since practically everybody, their cat, their mother’s cat and a small orange hedgehog named Boris are currently posting up things on Kickstarter, it inspired Matt to write a piece on how Kickstarter could be a chain of events that could ultimately damage our industry much more than benefit it.

Read on for more.

God Of War IV

God of War

We have an unlockable achievement on MT called Kratos’ Underpants for a reason, and that’s because anything involving Kratos and his irrepressible love of killing everything in sight is generally incredibly, ridiculously awesome.

If you’re of a similar mindset, you’ll be delighted to hear that this week saw Sony officially announce God of War: Ascension, which is apparently basically God of War 4.

The only snag is the game is to be apparently set before the events of the original trilogy, making me wonder how they’re going to have Kratos lose all of the powers he gained over the original trilogy and still be a badass who simply loves to rip off people’s limbs.

You can check out the God of War 4/Ascension trailer right here.

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