EA “Wins” the Worst Company of 2012 Award

EA “Wins” the Worst Company of 2012 Award

Take that, Bank of America! EA is apparently better at being worse than you!

Consumerist.com‘s Worst Company March Madness has finally come to a close after a heated final heat of EA vs Bank of America. Somewhat surprisingly, Electronic Arts is apparently more hated by consumers than Bank of America, who has been known to illeagally seize property and foreclose houses. To put it into some perspective, BP Oil took the title last year.

A couple of factors may have contributed to EA’s sweeping “victory” this year. First and foremost, people are still awfully chafed about Mass Effect 3’s ending. Chaffed to the point that they have raised literally thousands of dollars in protest.

The other main factor as to why EA may have won is the medium of the contest. An online contest will obviously be participated in most by those who spend most of their time online, i.e. gamers. While Bank of America may have done some pretty brutal things to their customers, not all of them are as web-inclined (or as vocal) as the EA crowd. Not to mention most of Bank of America’s clients probably can’t even afford their internet bills anymore.

EA issued a blanket comment to most media outlets saying:

We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren’t nominated this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.

So while consumers are more than ready to complain about day one DLC and generally nickel-and-diming their customers, they still aren’t ready to take the one action that EA will really understand. Only by literally voting with your dollar will anyone ever force a change. If you don’t like  a company’s business practice, don’t support that company by buying their products.

The entire Worst Company in America bracket looks like this: (Click for full size)



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