Dishonored Debut Trailer

Dishonored Debut Trailer

Remember that little Bethesda teaser from yesterday?

Bethesda had the gaming world in a tizzy yesterday with a little teaser tweet that everyone was hoping would turn out to be some sort of Skyrim DLC announcement. Well, it turns out that Skyrim is not the topic at hand as Bethesda is shifting their focus to their new IP Dishonored.

The teaser tweet contained an image of a grizzled man who apparently was being held in prison. That shot was taken from the game’s debut trailer, seen below.

For what it’s worth, this game looks quite intriguing and it’s nice to see Bethesda breaking new ground and forging forward with yet another new series, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that this has all been done before. Judging strictly on appearances, Dishonored has a unique style that appears to be the result of Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, and War of the Worlds crammed into a blender (preferrably a Magic Bullet) and then lathered up with a fresh coat of World War 2/American Revolution Steampunk paint. I’m just saying.

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