Botanicula Stars in Latest Humble Bundle

Botanicula Stars in Latest Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for great games!

Before there was Kickstarter, Indie developers found it in themselves to offer up a little something called ‘The Humble Bundle.’ With the price of games spiraling out of control, these humble little developers decided to capitalize on people’s desire to get cheap games and offer up their goods at a price choosen by the consumer.  Since then, the Humble Bundle has included some of Indie gaming’st best titles like Machinarium and Braid.

The latest Humble Bundle is touting the wonder that is Botanicula, a point and click adventure game filled with a cast of amazing tree creatures who need your help to save the last seed from infection.

Joining Botanicula is Samarost 2 and Machinarium, yet again. You get to name the price, so you can be as stingy or as generous as you want as well as decide who exactly gets your money! However, if you decided to donate at or above the current average price (currently hovering comfortable around $8.72) you will unlock an adventure game called Windowsill as well as a full length film featuring Amanita puppetering called Kooky.

This deal is only available for another 14 hours (from time of writing.)


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