Bethesda Is Teasing Something Big

Bethesda Is Teasing Something Big

Tomorrow. The most dreaded word in all of gaming.

Earlier today Bethesda tweeted out an image of grizzled man along with that dreaded word. Exactly who or what this picture is about is entirely unknown, but plenty of people are starting to speculate that it is going to be some sort of Skyrim DLC announcement. However, the chances that it is something entirely different are just as good as Bethesda previously stated that we would be getting some new information regarding both Skyrim and Rage at some point in April.

Bethesda Teaser Image

Bethesda is also hard at work on an Elder Scrolls MMO as well as a few other unknown projects at the moment. So join me if you will in a day-long session of breath holding, not that I need any more reasons to boot up Skyrim again. But then again, it wouldn’t hurt.

For as bad as I want this to be Skyrim DLC I am going to hold on to my reservations for a bit seeing as how non of the Skyrim photos released today have shown character models as detailed as that. On the other hand, Rage had graphics comparable to what we see here, but it was a bit more steampunk-ish than what is portrayed in this image, so I guess it could go either way at this point.

How or when this information will be revealed tomorrow is unknown, but we’ll keep you posted.

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