007 Legends Revealed

007 Legends Revealed

Vodka Martini. Shaken, with lime, a little umbrella and a good dollop of 007 Legends please.

It’s a new IP, based off a franchise we all know and pretty much all love. Unless you’re miserable and/or dislike swanky British gentlemen who always get the girl and can avoid thousands upon thousand of bullets. If you are one of those people, you’re probably not going to like the fact that Activision today lifted the lid on its latest James Bond title, 007 Legends.

Billed by Activision as launching “gamers back through time to relive a section of Bond’s most iconic and intense undercover missions” the game will feature a storyline that takes place of six of James Bond’s movies, before concluding with Skyfall, the yet-to-be-released 23rd film in the movie’s long-running saga.

Since the game is said to conclude with Skyfall and this game is billed as a celebration of Bond’s 50th Anniversary, it seems as if Activision is going all Sonic Generations with 007 Legends. I of course mean that it is extremely likely that the six adventures will feature a film from each of the six actors that have played James Bond thus far, meaning it’ll have one level featuring Sean Connery Bond, one with Roger Moore, one with George Lazenby, one with Timothy Dalton, one with Pierce Brosnan and then conclude with Daniel Craig in Skyfall. I vote for Goldeneye from the Pierce Brosnan era. Excellent movie.

The game itself is said to include Bond’s array of trusty gadgets, an arsenal of weapons including the Walther PPK (used by Bond in countless movies) and the game will also feature an array of classic 007 vehicles to play around with.

If you’ve played Goldeneye: Reloaded, you’ll already probably be familiar with Mi6 Ops, which is also included in 007 legends. Essentially like Call of Duty’s Spec Ops, these challenge you to complete missions by using stealth, gadgets and more to rank up on global leaderboards. This mode will also feature a new twist as you can now play as iconic Bond villains as well, seeing how things are portrayed through their eyes. Finally, the game will feature both four-player split screen and online competitive multiplayer.


The 'I Just Sat Down on Something Sharp' Face

“To honour 50 years of the world’s top secret agent, 007 Legends offers a collection of his most famed moments in the smartest and most treacherous Bond game yet,” says David Oxford, Executive Vice President at Activision Publishing, Inc.  “Creating a video game storyline that ties together six popular, yet very different, Bond movie narratives can be challenging, but together with EON Productions, our developer Eurocom, has pulled it off to create a homage that we think will be a unique and highly entertaining Bond video game.”

007 Legends is billed for an Autumn 2012 release date and is being developed by Eurocom. It’ll ship for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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