No New Xbox at E3 This Year

No New Xbox at E3 This Year

You can stop holding your breath now and let out that massive sigh of disappointment.

With all the rumors about Microsoft’s next Xbox swirling around as of late, it was almost a sure-fire thing that at least something would be revealed at this year’s E3 convention in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Microsoft has officially decided that enough is enough and stepped forward to let everyone down lightly.

In an official statement, Microsoft had this to say:

“While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future, we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon. For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360-and it’s the best year ever for Xbox 360. The console is coming off its biggest year ever-a year in which Xbox outsold all other consoles worldwide. Xbox 360 didn’t just outsell other consoles, it also outsold all other TV-connected devices like DVD players, as well as digital media receivers and home theatre systems. And in our seventh year, we sold more consoles than in any other year-defying convention.

This year, we will build on that Xbox 360 momentum. With “Halo 4,” “Forza Horizon,” “Fable: The Journey,” and other great Kinect games on the way, our 2012 Xbox lineup is our strongest ever. This year, we will deliver more TV, music, and movie experiences for Xbox 360-as we’ll make it even easier to find and control your all entertainment. And this year, Xbox games, music, and video are coming to Windows 8 so people can enjoy their Xbox entertainment wherever they go.”

If I had to be honest, I’m actually quite shocked at this announcement simply due to the amount of attention that the next Xbox has been getting as of late. With talk about the new anti-used game measures, built in kinect, and a whole slew of other rumors, I thought for sure Microsoft was gearing up to drop a bomb on everyone. I just didn’t think that would be 100 megatons of disappointment.


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