Win a Copy of Silent Hill: Downpour on Xbox 360

Win a Copy of Silent Hill: Downpour on Xbox 360

That’s right. We have a game and we want to give it to you… but only if you’re awesome.

Our friends at Konami were nice enough to give us an extra copy of Silent Hill: Downpour for the Xbox 360 and rather than be greedy and keep it all to ourselves, we figured we would pass the love on to you and give you a chance to win it. However, there is a catch: you have to do something awesome.

We know that our fans are already to coolest people in the universe, but we need physical evidence!

Here’s what we want you to do:

We want you to take the ManaTank logo (click to download), print it out, and take a picture of yourself – while holding it of course – doing something totally awesome and/or absurd. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Skydiving
  • Standing atop the summit of Mt. Everest
  • Orbiting Earth
  • Riding a dragon
  • Kicking a rhino in the balls while hammering a killer guitar riff, causing an atomic explosion
  • Fending off hordes of zombies with nothing but a baseball bat covered in nails
  • Bathing in a tub of pineapples
  • Scuba diving by the Titanic

You know, something totally awesome. In the event that none of the above are possible, we are totally willing to entertain other ideas as well.

Once you have taken your picture – NOT PHOTOSHOPPED IT! – post it on your facebook page then tag ManaTank in the image and post it on the ManaTank wall. Also, please make sure that your username is somewhere on the image (this can be added post picture-taking via photoshop if need be. This is important because this is how you will be notified if you won! Don’t have an account yet? Get one now for free! )

It’s that simple! We know you’re awesome and you know you’re awesome, just prove it!

The coolest, most absurdly badass, shameless photo will get a copy of Silent Hill: Downpour for the Xbox 360, sent directly from me! To sweeten the pot, I’ll even customize it however you want! A signature, a kiss, a sweet treat inside, whatever tickles your fancy I can certainly do it!

Now get to taking pictures! You don’t have all day. Ok, well you probably have at least a day. The contest ends March 25th with the winner being announced on the podcast.

In the event the download link didn’t work, here is a massive copy of the ManaTank logo for your using pleasure.

ManaTank Logo


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