This Week in Gaming: The Universe is Saved

This Week in Gaming: The Universe is Saved

Mass Effect 3 came out this week. Need we say anymore?

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Aside from that, the gaming world has collectively come to a standstill as everyone’s favorite space opera invaded this past week and captured the imaginations of millions. That’s right, in case you have been living under whatever it is that lives under a rock, Mass Effect 3 came out this past week. I could end this article here and most of you would be more than content with that news, but contrary to popular belief, the world of gaming news did in fact continue to move forward.

This Week’s Big News

This week’s number big announcement, aside from Commander Shepard finally getting around to saving the universe, comes in the form of a continued information about Assassin’s Creed 3. Dan Curtis nearly soiled his knickers when he watched the Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer last week and promptly launched himself face first into a frenzy of information hunting and what he came up with actually has me fairly excited about the title, despite not having played any since the first one.

Assassin's Creed 3

In a nutshell, you assume the identity of yet another assassin affectionately known as Ratohnhaké:ton, or Connor if you prefer actually being able to pronounce his name. The game is set during the time of the American Revolution, which is a bit of shock seeing as how very few games have attempted to tackle this era with even fewer succeeding. Nevertheless, major historical events and characters including the Great Fire of New York and Benjamin Franklin are said to be included to help instill a sense of authenticity.


Additional features include a vast wilderness roughly 1.5x the size of Brotherhood’s Rome, a nifty new engine that sports a whopping 1,000 redcoats who need tomahawks lodged in their the brains on screen at one time, and a whole arsenal of upgradeable weapons.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to drop October 30th for the PC, PS3, XBox 360, and for the Wii U at some date yet to be announced.

Ubisoft wasn’t the only company driving hype this week as343 Industries decided to show up and let everyone know they are still here, lurking in the shadows. They dropped a brand new trailer that chronicles the making of Halo 4, a game that many people may have let slip from their mind since last summer when the title was first announced. Unfortunately, the title doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but it’s Master Chief. Who isn’t going to be excited for this game?

Project KARA, a new tech demo from Quantic Dream, – the creators of Heavy Rain – has firmly tugged on a whole bundle of heart strings this week, showing that Quantic Dream still has what it takes to create compelling and completely enthralling storys with equally amazing characters to go with them. Unfortunately, for as stunning and mind blow as Project KARA is, it has been relegated to nothing more than a tech demo, promised to never amount to anything more.

Quantic Dream Project Kara


That’s a real shame.

Those of you who bought the PlayStation move solely in the hopes of one day playing a whimsical launch title  have some cause for rejoicing, and a reason to dust off that glow orb, because Sorcery has finally been given a release date. After initially being used to introduce and subsequently instill loads of interest in the Move, Sorcery promptly fell off the face of the Earth, but May 22nd is the official end of the wait.

And in more somber news, the tall tale spinning, over promising, hype inducing Peter Molyneux has tipped his hat to Lionhead Studios to set out on a new adventure. He has decided to uproot everything and move on to a new company called 22 Cans. Why? Your guess is as good as ours. For you massive Fable fans out there, there has been no word about what is to become of the series. However, I’m sure good old Peter will spin something up for us soon enough.

Peter Molyneux


Listen, I PROMISE that 22 Cans will be the best gaming company in the history of ever.

In Other News:

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