Sorcery Release Date Announced

Sorcery Release Date Announced

Dust off your suspiciously shaped Move device, Sorcery is coming.

Like many, many people, I bought a Playstation Move with dreams in my mind of epic motion action and a firm belief that, despite a lackluster selection of Move launch titles, things would pick up. Alas, they did not and – aside from enjoying Heavy Rain using the controller (which wasn’t initially built for the device) – the Playstation Move controller was gradually relegated from its prime spot next to my tv to my bedroom unit, then ultimately flung into the wardrobe of doom, caked in dust and potentially never to be seen again.

I had but one hope of dragging out the Move controller again, and that was Sorcery. I first saw the game a long time ago at E3, where I was wowed by the magic flinging fun and instantly put the title down as a must-buy. Since then though Sorcery mysteriously disappeared almost entirely off the radar, until finally it was revealed to be still in development last November.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Sorcery basically turns you into Harry Potter. Using the Move controller, you can fling a wide variety of spells accurately using motion controls at various types of enemies, crafting a unique and fun experience that may well be the PS3’s Skyward Sword (awesome in other words).

Brian Finn, Sorcery’s Creative Director, had the following to say about the game’s story:

Finn is in trouble. First, he accidentally blew up his master’s alchemy lab. Then he’s let Erline, his master’s magical cat, talk him into trespassing in the realm of the dead. Now he’s unleashed an ancient universe-destroying evil that won’t stop until everything he cares about is utterly annihilated. It has not been a good day.

Even though he’s only an apprentice, Finn must find a way to defeat the Nightmare Queen before she destroys the human world. To do this he must plunge deep into the realm of faerie — the Endless Stair, the Faerie Forest, the Slumbering Palace. With Erline travelling at his side he must master powerful and arcane magical spells, and use them to overcome the strange and twisted servants of Nightmare. He must solve challenging puzzles, and decipher the mysteries of alchemy. He must discover the secrets of the Nightmare Queen’s power and undo the damage that she has wrought.

And, above all, he must earn the right to be called … sorcerer.

The release date of the game has now been confirmed as May 22nd for North America and then the day after for European territories. I’m actually rather excited to get out my Move again.

Source: PS Blog

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