Minecraft Xbox 360 Gets Splitscreen Multiplayer

Minecraft Xbox 360 Gets Splitscreen Multiplayer

It was only a matter of time before the global phenomenon known has Minecraft made its way over to consoles.

People generally get a bit testy when it comes to comparing a PC title to its console counterpart. For all intents and purposes, when a game that is originally created for the PC gets transferred over to a console, people tend to start biting their nails a bit in fear of what is going to be watered down, altered, or stripped out altogether. So when Mojang first announced that its smash hit Minecraft would be receiving the console treatment a collective gasp could be heard from the entire community.

Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton sat down with Microsoft Producer Roger Carpenter at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase last week to talk a bit about the upcoming release of Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

As a whole, the console release is going be exactly what you would expect as it is ultimately Minecraft, just on a console. The game is said to work perfectly fine with a controller and all functionality – aside from the obvious modding capabilities – will remain the same. However, something entirely new to the series will be incorporated for the game’s console debut: four-player split-screen mutliplayer.

Multiplayer is nothing new to Minecraft, in fact it’s almost a requirement for maximum enjoyment, but piling four pals into a single living room and tearing into a massively ambitious construction project seems like it could be the revival that same-couch multiplayer has been in desperate need of for quite some time. The game will support four player local multiplayer as well as the ability to team up with more friends online for a total of eight players in all.

Hamilton also dredged up a bit of information about how the game will receive updates, seeing as how that is a major factor in the Minecraft universe.

The PC community has the ability to pop on and download any number of updates the second they are available, but consoles aren’t quite that simple. Xbox DLC certification can take quite a significant amount of time and unfortunately, cannot be released for free. So rather than charging users for something that the developers feel should be free, Microsoft has devised a clever way to get the updates to players. Rather than adding content to the game via DLC, new content will be added using full fledged title updates. Unfortunately, these title updates don’t really require less time and as a result, the console version of Minecraft will inherently be a few versions behind its PC counterpart, but that tends to be the nature of consoles.

Whether you have yet to delve into the soul-consuming world of Minecraft or are looking to expand your experience into the living room, the Xbox 360 version is shaping up to be a nice compliment to an already fantastic game.

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