Microsoft Patents Xbox Helmet

Microsoft Patents Xbox Helmet

The future of gaming…in hat form.

According to PatentBolt, Microsoft has patented designs for a visual headset for the Xbox. There are two designs, one of them a more traditional glasses-style set up that would be compatible with smartphones and MP3 players, the other one a Star Wars-esque helmet with built in specs.

PatentBolt suggest that “When adapted to display two different images concurrently–one for each eye–the system may be used for stereoscopic display (e.g., virtual-reality) applications.” To overcome the problem of loss of visual fidelity on a compact screen, the device will include a “visual-image projector” that “comprises a laser configured to form a narrow beam, first and second dilation optics, first and second redirection optics, and a controller. The first and second dilation optics each have a diffraction grating.”

Sounds painful.

If this venture sees the light of day, hopefully it will fare better than the ill fated Virtual Boy did in the mid 90’s, which caused migraines in those who played it and was discontinued less than a year after its release. Since Microsoft won’t even say anything about it’s next generation console at this year’s E3, we might be waiting awhile for this futuristic bit of technology to surface.

If and when it does come, I can’t wait to get my hands on my helmet and transport myself to another reality.


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