Mass Effect 3 Datapad Launches, iOS Finally Useful

Mass Effect 3 Datapad Launches, iOS Finally Useful

Move over angry birds. Commander Shepard is commandeering this iPad and/or other iOS device in the name of the Alliance Military.

Let’s set the scene here. You’re in some public place with some friends; possibly a mall or somewhere similar. They all stare at you, glassy eyed, as you sling crazy amounts of Mass Effect their way. Suddenly you stop mid-sentence. Pulling out your iPad you declare, “I gotta take this. The galaxy depends on it.” The entire mall bursts into applause and carries you out the front door, on their shoulders, where they escort you to a full-size, functioning starship called the Normandy 3.

That’s just one of the ways that the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app can enrich your life!

Seriously though, if you’re playing Mass Effect and have a portable device this free app will probably appeal to you more than science to Mordin. The Datapad allows you to read every codex entry from every Mass Effect, receive messages from your many companions around the galaxy and increase your galactic readiness level in Mass Effect 3 via a ship deploying mini-game.

And did I mention it’s free?

Check the app out on iTunes.

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