Updated: Lionhead Studios Counts Down to GDC

Updated: Lionhead Studios Counts Down to GDC

Turns out Lionhead’s secret announcement probably isn’t a new Black & White. But it could be an upcoming Mario Party style Fable game.


Update:  XBox Live Market Place has leaked that Lionhead has a game due for release sometime in the future called Fable Heroes. The secret announcement hinted at on the Lionhead website is almost certainly the announcement of this game. How did I discover this, you ask? Using my amazing sleuthing abilities I detected the letter O in “Fable Heroes” is the same red button as on the website.

From the screenshots (posted below) Fable Heroes looks to be a Mario Party-esque, friendship consuming board game. In all likelihood, Peter Molyneux will give us more information, and a hatful of false promises, this week at GDC.

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Original Story

Peter Molyneux, and Lionhead Studios, have been uncharacteristically quiet since showing their upcoming Kinect game, Fable: The Journey at last year’s E3. Uncharacteristically quiet until GDC, that is.

Upon visiting Lionhead.com visitors are treated to a GDC countdown and a cryptic “It’s time for a fresh look and feel for our website. Who knows what other surprises are coming…”

Maybe the announcement is that they have no announcements!

While nothing is promised, other than a new website, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Peter Molyneux will live up to his reputation and come out on the GDC stage with some crazy announcement that will, in the end, only be a half truth. If the words Black & White are used, so much the better!


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