GTA V Release Date Possibly Revealed

GTA V Release Date Possibly Revealed

Also, new Dark Knight Rises and Battlefield titles rumored.

MCV kind of threw down the walls on a good bit of stuff this week. Citing a retail calendar from a ‘major UK retailer’, MCV revealed new info regarding GTA V’s proposed release date, a possible new game in the Battlefield series and even a game that is apparently based on upcoming blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

Let’s deal with The Dark Knight Rises game first, shall we? Honestly, I’m a little dubious about this one. Movie tie-in games are historically a bit rubbish and given the massive success of the Arkham series, I find it unlikely whoever’s working on this title can make a game anywhere near as good as Rocksteady can. Unless Rocksteady are indeed the creative minds behind the game….then I might be more lenient.

Something known as ‘Battlefield: Evolved‘ has also been listed on the retail calendar. Before you get your hopes up about a possible new, futuristic title like I may have done when I first read the name and promptly did a ‘ZOMGWUT?’ face, Battlefield Evolved may be nothing more than something to do with the proposed DLC for Battlefield 3. That said, it could be new game.  If you wish really hard, upon a star, it may just come true.

You remember how completely awesome Grand Theft Auto V looked, right? Since we first saw the trailer of the game, details have been sparse to say the least as Rockstar is more than likely waiting for E3 to reveal more. Since that’s still pretty far aware I’m more than content to lap up any totally tasty morsels of scraps that are leaked ahead of time, and the proposed release date of Autumn 2012 on MCV’s calendar has me more than a bit excited.

This excitement mainly comes from the fact that I’d rather play GTA V before the cataclysmic event predicted by the Mayans destroys the Earth at the end of the year.  Mark my words, when the end comes, we won’t be gathered on the streets, banded together. Instead we’ll be sat in our underpants eating Cheetos and trying to finish GTA V before electricity stops working.


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