GAME On The Edge of Bankruptcy

GAME On The Edge of Bankruptcy

The UK’s biggest gaming store lies on the brink of administration.

As we previously reported, GAME, the UK’s largest gaming chain, has recently been through an extremely bad spot, not stocking Mass Effect 3, Mario Party 9 and a whole load of other games.  Now the firm is struggling to recuperate after the severe credit issues they’re dealing with.

The reasons behind the collapse of GAME are cited as being an extremely poor Christmas period, with many consumers turning elsewhere for their gaming purchases.  Things have gotten so bad that (as reported by British paper The Sunday Times) that if GAME doesn’t pay their rent owed within the next fortnight, the firm may well go into administration.

Rumours are also circulating that the firm has put itself up to sale, with shares in the company plummeting as low as 1.5 pence.  GameStop is said to be interested in purchasing some of the GAME stores (as they’ve not really ever broke into the UK market yet) and the option to instantly become part of the countries’ biggest gaming stores is probably too lucrative an offer to pass up.

It’s a sad day really for the UK retail market. GAME actually owns both GAME and Gamestation stores, so it will be likely that both of these chains will gradually disappear should the firm collapse, leaving many gamers stranded without a ‘core’ gaming store to go to. I don’t know about you but even though I could probably get stuff elsewhere I still like to shop at gaming stores; there’s something comforting about being surrounded by walls of games and I’ve actually worked in one of the stores before, which makes me sad to see it go.

It also begs the question whether purchasing games in retail is eventually going to die altogether, especially with growing interests in digital distribution. If you’re a fellow UK’er, the disappearance of GAME feels like the disappearance of Woolworth’s – it’s just one of those places you always expect to see, and I really hope GameStop at least buys them out and decides to keep gaming retail alive in the UK.

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