The Endings to Mass Effect 3 Suck (Apparently) [Spoiler Free]

The Endings to Mass Effect 3 Suck (Apparently) [Spoiler Free]

While I have yet to reach the ending of Mass Effect 3, word on the inter-galactic street is that the ending(s) are nothing less than horrible.

There are no spoilers in the following story.

It seems that fans of Mass Effect 3 just can’t be satisfied. A script leak, some day one DLC outrage and a few save import bugs later fans have now found something new to complain about. The game’s ending.

While I haven’t yet finished the game, I’m about 25 hours in and have literally loved every second of it. Thus far I think that BioWare has done an outstanding job of presenting one of the best narratives in gaming history. For me, the experience has been utterly fantastic but once again the internet is attempting to pee on my parade.

A poll, run on the BioWare social network, shows that a whopping 88% of people feel the endings “suck, we want a brighter one.”

Warning: If you look at this poll on the BioWare Social site there are some spoilers in the comments.

I can’t personally comment on the endings as I have yet to see any of them, but the fact that 88% of people apparently think they suck has me slightly worried, but only slightly. So far the game has been incredible and has done a fantastic job of keeping me on my toes. The fact is, Mass Effect 3 isn’t afraid to do things that a lot of other franchises are, namely killing central characters. Too many games these days end with sunshine and rainbows and all the characters coming out of it relatively unscathed. I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe some character(s) die that 88% of people really like, which could explain the bad score.

Not having finished it yet, all I can do is guess though. Hopefully I can add +1 to those 566 votes that think the ending is fine as it is.

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