More Delays For Silent Hill: Book of Memories

More Delays For Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The first Silent Hill game for the PS Vita gets pushed back to May. 

The last few months have not been kind to Silent Hill. Firstly, Silent Hill: Downpour gets released and it turns out to be a bit rubbish. Then the Silent Hill HD collection is put out in such a sorry state that have declared it defective and removed it from their listings. Now, the multiplayer focussed Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the PS Vita has been delayed by over two months.

Originally promised for February, then given a March 27th release date, the game is now set to be released in North America on May 31st, according to listings on Amazon and Gamefly. A Konami representative informed Ripten that “Unfortunately Book of Memories has been delayed. Stay tuned for a more formal announcement”.

The game itself doesn’t look massively exciting. It promises to be action orientated with an emphasis on multiplayer, which doesn’t make much sense for a game series that has prided itself for its quiet menace and ability to make the player feel unnerved and isolated. Early footage suggests that the game will take the form of a top-down shooter, and will feature character customization options.

When it finally gets released, Book of Memories could turn out to be a surprise hit, but it feels like the heyday of Silent Hill ended a while ago.


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