Bethesda Crafting Up an Elder Scrolls MMO

Bethesda Crafting Up an Elder Scrolls MMO

You’re lying if you haven’t at least thought about how cool a multiplayer Elder Scrolls would be.

Well, wishful thinking is about to turn into reality because it has recently been revealed that Bethesda is hard at work on an Elder Scrolls MMO. got an exclusive drop on the story and revealed some exciting details.

It’s been common knowledge for awhile now that Bethesda and ZeniMax were hard at work on an MMO, but up until now the universe in which it would take place was still unknown. TomsGuide managed to finagle an industry source who was willing to risk it all and leak a bit of information regarding the game. Although the information is said to come from a reliable source and be corroborated by two additional sources, take this at face value until we hear it directly from the horse’s mouth.

The Elder Scrolls Online (unofficial title) is said to take place a full millennium before any of the previous titles, which would place the game somewhere in the second era. Three different factions, represented by a lion, a dragon, and a bird, are said to exist and will likely serve as the main characters in the game.

Outside of those details, virtually nothing else is known. Bethesda has yet to provide any official comment, but E3 will likely be the place where the lid is blown off this who story and all the details will come flooding out.

Until then, I think I speak for a good few people when I say that this may actually be the one that has the potential for sucking me in. After all, The Elder Scrolls changed the face of adventure rpgs, so if any series has the ability to revolutionize the MMO scene – and lord knows we are in desperate need of that – The Elder Scrolls is our best hope.


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