Three New Battlefield 3 DLC Packs Announced

Three New Battlefield 3 DLC Packs Announced

More ways to blow things up is always brilliant, right?

Not be outdone by Call of Duty’s endless stream of content coming through their Elite service, EA today announced three hefty, nifty, super-duper expansions for Battlefield 3, coming out at different periods of this year.

Getting Into Close Quarters

The first of the planned expansions packs will blast its way into our lives at some point in June, and is entitled ‘Close Quarters’.  If you’re an Xbox’er and prolific Battlefield 3’er you may also be slightly cheesed off to learn that PS3 owners will get it first, a full week ahead of the release on 360. We can only assume this is due to Call of Duty favouring the Xbox for getting DLC first. So continues the endless console war.

Close Quarters actually sounds like an exceptionally decent pack of DLC, as it includes four new maps, but also ten shiny new weapons to play around with as well.  Each of the maps lives up to the name of the DLC because they’re all set inside buildings rather than out in the open, which means no vehicle goodness for this first DLC pack.

Armored Kill…Kill….Kill…

The second DLC pack is somewhat of a mystery. EA’s not releasing too much info about it just yet but we do know it’s called Armored Kill and will contain what is said to be the largest multiplayer map DICE has ever created. It’ll arrive sometime this Autumn.

There’s also some new vehicles, although again EA won’t tell what they are. Is it too much to wish for Byson’s ridiculous hovercraft contraption from the Street Fighter movie? Probably, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

Game Over

It’s all secrecy and lies, isn’t it EA? Yep, this DLC pack is also a complete mystery, but IGN seems to think it’s probably going to be story related DLC due to a promotional poster. It’s called End Game, so it might make sense that it contains new story content. This pack is to land at some point in the Winter, closing off the year nicely.

In addition to the DLC, players on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are also going to get access to ‘rent-a-server’ which has been available to PC gamers since launch.  This allows you to essentially customize your own matches, opening up new possibilities for multiplayer fun.

All in all it doesn’t sound like a bad selection for Battlefield 3 fans, and should keep your experience fresh for the next few months. If not, you’re far too hard to please, aren’t you?

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