Get Your Assassin’s Creed 3 Details!

Get Your Assassin’s Creed 3 Details!

Bury your tomahawk in someone’s head and leap around those trees.

Quite a few people were on tenterhooks yesterday. It was, after all, Mass Effect launch night. But well before we were all dragging our tired backsides out of bed to stare at a screen for hours and not sleep at all after purchasing Mass Effect 3, we were all being wowed by the Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer, which Ubisoft very kindly released yesterday.

I’ll be honest though; as awesome as the trailer was, it was a little sketchy on details of what we could expect in the game.  It’s all very well to see someone leaping around the trees and burying people’s heads onto bayonets, but what about those all important details?

Thankfully, Game Informer is showcasing Assassin’s Creed 3 this month and details have started to trickle out from the magazine’s subscribers.

A New Gentleman To Become Acquainted With

Assassin's Creed 3

Say Hello To Connor

This guy is Connor, and he’s going to be the latest Desmond ancestor we get to play around as in Assassin’s Creed 3. ‘Wait a second!’ you may say, ‘We go from Ezio Auditore De Firenze to……Connor?’ It does sound a bit plain at first, doesn’t it?  Ubisoft’s covered their tracks well though. See, Connor comes from an Englishman’s loins, but his mother is actually a native American and he’s been brought up in a Mohawk tribe. His real, Native American name is somewhat of a doozy.

Ratohnhaké:ton. That’s right. I have it on good authority that the colon within the name is actually meant to be there as well, as it’s an ancient Native American language inflection. Kotaku is reporting that the name is in fact pronounced ‘Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo’, so it’s confused me greatly. Ubisoft themselves actually told Kotaku this, so it’s probably true.

Connor lives during the time period of 1753 and 1783, with his memories being relived by the newly revived Desmond in the Animus 3.0. This time period allows Ubisoft to have a lot of material to play around with, as they’re promising that events such as The Great Fire of New York and famous figures such as Benjamin Franklin (promised not to be a carbon copy of Da Vinci) and even good old George Washington will be in the game, with the latter’s relationship with Connor described as being ‘core’ to the plot.

The New Playground

Assassin's Creed 3

What Is This, Skyrim?

Part of the appeal of the Assassin’s Creed games has always been in the exploration of a vast city. Assassin’s Creed 3 is going for a somewhat different approach, allowing the player to explore what is known as the Frontier between New York and Boston.

Said to be a whole 1.5 times large than Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’s vast Rome map, the new location will allow you to visit woodland areas as seen above, Connor’s Mohawk village, New York, Boston and even smaller locales such as Lexington and Concorde.

As seen in the trailer, it seems as if exploration in woods etc will still retain the traditional Assassin’s Creed verticality, allowing you to navigate the treetops with ease and pick off your targets one by one.

The seasons will also apparently change between both summer and winter, with respective weather effects accompanying the changes in the climate. In addition to all this there’s the ability to hunt animals (no word yet on whether there’s mud crabs) and you can sell pelts to earn money. Some quests will also be activated in this vein by visiting hunting clubs.

Notoriety also makes a return under a ‘different name’ while it’s still possible to pool all your money into buying property and making everything look all nice and pretty again. Connor’s arsenal of weapons is also totally upgradeable, although details on what exactly he’ll be wielding are scarce at this point.

A New Engine, A New Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed 3

Halt Ra-Ma-Erm.....Nope, That's Not Right Is It? Er....Connor?

Out of all the details I read about Assassin’s Creed 3, the news that the game will be running on a vastly improved engine and has been in development for longer than any Ubisoft game ever had me very excited indeed.

This game has actually been in production since Assassin’s Creed 2 came out, meaning there’s almost a whole three years of development being poured into this title. It also runs on an updated version of Ubisoft’s ‘Anvil’ engine which allows for up to 1000 characters on screen at once. That’s damn impressive, as previous incarnations in the series only allowed 100.

As you would expect, Assassin’s Creed 3 will be hitting all major platforms this October 3oth. Ubisoft also confirmed the game for the Wii U earlier today, but we don’t know when that’s coming out yet so there’s no concrete release date.

In the meantime, why not go check out the trailer?

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