I Am Alive Hitting PSN Early April

I Am Alive Hitting PSN Early April

After listening to Kev ramble on about I Am Alive, I began to wonder:  When is this treat coming to the PSN? The answer: soon.

If you fancy a nice Nathan Drake style jaunt through a relatively cinematic post-apocalyptic wasteland that doesn’t involve Caesar’s Legion or bands of mutants, then you may be interested in I Am Alive.

The game follows  what is said to be you average, run of the mill ‘everyman’ as he struggles to find his wife and daughter nearly a year after what’s only referred to as ‘the Event.’ As a result, society has been torn to shreds and people are left with no choice but to do the unthinkable, all in the name of survival.

Up until now, the downloadable title has only been available on Xbox, but come April 3rd in North America and  April 4th in Europe, I Am Alive will be available on the PSN.

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