New Xbox To Have Touch-Screen Controller?

New Xbox To Have Touch-Screen Controller?

The Wii U may well not be the only device that has a touch-screen controller, if recent rumours about Microsoft’s next console prove to be true.

Xbox World magazine is claiming that the next Xbox’s controller will have an integrated touch screen akin to the Wii U’s controller, but Microsoft is allegedly opting for a sleeker approach akin to an Ipad or the Playstation Vita, rather than the Wii U’s huge controller of doom that is sure to give you massive arm muscles.

They’re also reporting that the controller will be multi-functioning; if you’re watching TV it can be a remote, a browser if you’re on the internet or even used as a portable display for taking games with you.

The same magazine also claimed earlier this month that the next generation of the Xbox will be “a matt-black media hub with a mission to bring games to life in your living room with augmented reality, directional sound, and a four-player finger-tracking Kinect.”

Sounds pretty good to me.

Source: Eurogamer

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