Starhawk Gets Free Limited Edition Upgrade

Starhawk Gets Free Limited Edition Upgrade

Nothing irks me more than day one DLC that very easily could have been included in the full release of the game, but Starhawk is going to give that content away for free on one condition: you pre-order it.

After what has been a long and painful wait, Starhawk is mere months away. The beta has gone semi-open and will break wide open in the coming weeks. If the beta has done its job and you plan on purchasing the game on release, you may want to think about pre-ordering it.

Starhawk limited edition contents

Anyone who pre-orders Starhawk at GameStop will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition version of the game at no extra charge. Included in the Limited Edition is $20 worth of DLC including two map packs complete with additional multiplayer skins. Additionally, little extras like a free soundtrack and a PSN download of the original PSOne Classic Warhawk will be thrown in for good measure.

So if the whole idea of DLC rubs you the wrong way and you are already planning on picking up Starhawk, this is probably your best bet.


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