Sony Changes PSN Name in Latest Firmware Update

Sony Changes PSN Name in Latest Firmware Update

Sony always seems to be rotating through names, slogans, and catch phrases like dirty underwear and the PlayStation Network, or PSN as its more affectionately known, is next on the chopping block.

The next time you boot up your beloved PS3 you will be met with a shiny new firmware update dubbed v4.10. Yes, I still cringe when I see these, too. Thankfully, this update introduces only a few very minor changes; most of which are purely cosmetic.

Right off the bat you will be asked to read and agree the news Terms of Service, but you can go ahead and just press X because who reads those things anyways. Actually on second thought, why don’t you give a gander.

Once you’re done with your novel you will notice that the name of your friendly PSN will have changed to ‘Sony Entertainment Network’. This decision was made in an effort to bring further unity to the entire Sony Entertainment Service family. The core functionality of the service remains entirely unchanged as you can still play games, watch movies, and listen to music exactly the way you did before.

Finally, the latest update will provide an improved display speed to the internet browser.

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