Sony Defends PS Vita Games’ High Price Point

Sony Defends PS Vita Games’ High Price Point

Vita games too expensive for you to shell out money on? Sony’s promising the games will be worth what many are considering to be a high price point.

PS Vita games currently are slated to cost around $40 at the top end, with some titles being sold for as little as $20. It may not seem like a whole lot, but in the world of apps and their growing popularity you’ve got to think Sony’s taking a significant gamble by pricing their Vita games reasonably high.

Sony Worldwide Studios’ head Shuhei Yoshida recently talked to Venture Beat about the reasons behind the high prices, expressing that Sony full understands the concerns of consumers and wants to ensure fans that the games will be worth the money.

“We have a theory that if we create really compelling, engaging experiences that you can spend hours with, you’ll see the value of spending 40 dollars against one dollar,” Yoshida said. “The good thing about $1 games is that people are not spending too much money on them. If you buy 40 of those, you might be spending $40, but still… Or many games are free?

“Gamers love all kinds of games. I totally understand people who like games like Angry Birds, but if you’re a gamer, you’re also interested in trying different kinds of experiences, bigger games.”

The Sony boss also had some advice for retailers, advising on thinking about their pricing strategy for Vita games against Nintendo’s 3DS.

“You saw Nintendo’s 3DS, it had many software hits last December, like Mario Kart,” he said. “That’s the theory. That’s what I’d like to see proven, after the launch of PS Vita.

“I can see, looking at the games in game stores, when you see games that you feel you can find on the iPod or iPad for five dollars, why should you spend 40 dollars? So software publishers will really have to think hard when they approach pricing their software. Is this the experience that will compel people to spend that much? Or is this something they should provide for more accessible prices, so that people will try it?”

So what do you think about Vita games? Are they priced too high, or just about right? Let us know in the comments.

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