The Simpsons Arcade Comes To PSN and Xbox Live

The Simpsons Arcade Comes To PSN and Xbox Live

I can now officially die happy everyone. Everything is great and good in the world, birds are chirping and the sun is shining brightly as – finally – the classic Simpsons: The Arcade Game is coming to the PSN and Xbox Live!

Released next week on February 7th on PSN and four days earlier on Xbox Live (that’s February 3rd), the Simpsons Arcade Game is a pure classic that I invested a lot of time and money into at my local arcade. Essentially an old-school beat-em-up similar to Streets of Rage and other similar titles of the generation, the game truly is a delight and one of my most fondest childhood memories.

The game is basically a port of the original and hasn’t been made all beautiful via the use of HD-ey goodness, but it will contain a few new modes. Featuring 4 player online co-op, a ‘quarters’ mode which recreates the original game, a survival mode where you have one measly life, a free play mode with unlimited continues and an unlockable Japanese version of the game, this is sounding like one hell of a fun time.

Incidentally, the game is free to PS Plus members. I’m very excited.

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