Rockstar Classics Make Nostalgia Free

Rockstar Classics Make Nostalgia Free

Rockstar already has everyone on the edge of their seat for more news regarding GTA V, but many fans of the series may not have had the chance to explore the series top down roots.

Rockstar recently revealed the illustrious ‘Rockstar Classics’ collection wherein gamers have the opportunity to download three titles from the company’s fledgling years. The PC versions of Grand Theft Auto, Wild Metal, and GTA2 are now all available absolutely free from Rockstar’s website, but there is one string attached. Because nothing is really ‘free’ anymore is it?

In order to procure yourself any or all of the classic titles you must register for the official Rockstar mailing list. Not so bad, if don’t mind a spot of spam here and there. But then again, is any news from Rockstar really spam?

So you if you are under the age of 25 and/or just happened missed out on the wonder and excitement of mass murder from a bird’s eye view in it’s prime, then you should count your lucky stars because these games are a blast.

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