Resistance: Burning Skies Invading PS Vita

Resistance: Burning Skies Invading PS Vita

Although the Resistance series is no stranger to the portable market, Resistance Burning Skies may finally give gamers the√ā¬†opportunity to enjoy an FPS on the go thanks to PS Vita’s highly coveted dual analogue sticks.

Set during the 1951 East Coast invasion, Resistance: Burning Skies follows the story of Tom Riley, a firefighter from New Jersey, who finds himself suddenly thrust into a raging battle against the Chimera. From there he must push himself to the very limit of his bravery

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Resistance series, this game is an industry milestone as it’s the first ever portable FPS to feature dual-analogue controls. Previously we’ve been forced to simulate a second joystick using buttons or simply forego one altogether. Frankly, this game may single-handedly introduce an era of console-quality shooters on a portable platform, not to mention one that takes full advantage of the PS Vita’s impressive laundry list of technical specs.

Further details of the game are unknown at this point, but Resistance: Burning Skies is set to release on May 29th, 2012.


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