New Resident Evil 6 Info Revealed

New Resident Evil 6 Info Revealed

Resident Evil 6 isn’t just about women doing unspeakable things to giraffes you know.

Revealed today by Capcom themselves, a number of different elements that make up the game have been revealed including information on storylines, characters, enemies and even the revamped control scheme.

First and foremost it’s worth mentioning that Capcom has decided for this entry in the Resident Evil saga to include the ability to move while shooting. Touted as an ‘evolved combat system’ the control scheme will also allow you to slide, roll, take cover (hello chest-high walls) and will also feature an advanced melee attack.

In terms of the game’s setting, the majority of the game will apparently take place in China, in the fictitious coastal town of Lanshiang. The events of the game will take place in 2013.

Character Profiles

Leon. S Kennedy is back, ready to kick some more zombie backside. This time around Leon has been recruited by the US Government, working as an agent dedicated to ‘eradicating bioterrorism’ (that’s zombie folk).  Apparently Leon was recruited by Adam Benford, who is the current President of the United States.

Helena Harper is a new character in the Resident Evil series. She’s also a government agent, but was apparently in the process of becoming a personal bodyguard to the president before everything went wrong. You may recognize her from the announcement trailer, as she’s the one who told Leon that she was responsible for Resident Evil 6’s ‘incident’.

Chris Redfield returns to the Resident Evil fray, now sporting a good amount of psychological trauma for good measure. This ‘personal trauma’ apparently took place six months before the events of Resident Evil 6, but Chris has soldiered on and joined his former colleagues in China to combat the threat.

The Mysterious Third Protagonist remains all mysterious. Capcom has revealed a bit about him though, stating that the individual is a mercenary, engaged in ‘bloody conflict in Eastern Europe’. He’s also apparently been told he’s the man who has to save the world, a duty he doesn’t really care about, but will do as long as it nets him some money.

Ingrid Hunnigan is a member of Field Operations Support (FOS). She’s been working with Leon for a long time, and they share a mutual trust.

Adam Benford is currently El Presidente of the United States, and was responsible for hiring Leon after the Racoon City incident.

Enemy Info

What Resi game would be complete without our zombie chums? They’re back and more relentless than ever; Capcom has even detailed that the zombies in game will in fact behave much more differently than previous incarnations, jumping at you, wielding weapons and even run at you ominously.

In addition to the normal zombie hordes, a new enemy called a J’avo has been revealed. J’avo, which is Serbian for ‘demon’, first appeared six months ago, which possibly links in with Chris Redfield’s trauma. The monsters still apparently have some human traits, including the ability to understand speech, work together as a group and use weapons. While they still have these abilities, the monsters are also said to be extremely aggressive, often operating on instinct alone. The monster is also said to have the ability to regenerate itself after taking damage, morphing destroyed body parts into different forms in order to make the player rethink their strategy when combating the monsters.

Certainly an interesting sounding game, don’t you think? Let us know what you think about some of the revealed information in the comments below.

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