Resident Evil 6 Demo To Come with Dragon’s Dogma

Resident Evil 6 Demo To Come with Dragon’s Dogma

For as much guff as we’ve given the old Resident Evil 6 logo here at ManaTank, we are mildly excited for the game. Thankfully, we’ll get to take the game for a spin well before it launches in November.

Capcom will be dangling a very enticing carrot in the face of Resident Evil fans the world over come this July, but you must buy something first. In case you’re unaware, Capcom has another action-RPG title launching at that time by the name of Dragon’s Dogma and those who decide to buy it on the Xbox 360 will gain early access to the RE6 demo starting July 3rd.

Here’s the kicker…

PlayStation users will have to wait until September 4th for the exact same access, provided they bought the game as well.

Why has Capcom decided to back the Xbox 360 over the Ps3? Chalk it up to a “strategic business decision.”

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