Mass Effect 3 Demo Touches Down

Mass Effect 3 Demo Touches Down

In just a few short hours the Mass Effect 3 demo will be hitting the online market places and it comes complete with a co-op mutliplayer (that you can get early access to!)

With Mass Effect 3 only a month and a bit away, it’s finally come time for all of us who weren’t lucky enough to win early access to get a taste. For the average user the demo will be available from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace and Origin in just a few hours.

The demo also lets us sample Mass Effect 3’s co-op multiplayer aspect and unless you somehow missed buying Battlefield 3, you’ll gain access to that co-op right away. If you didn’t buy Battlefield don’t fret! You just have to wait until Feb. 17 to get into the multiplayer.

BioWare has a great Q and A on their forums which should cover just about anything else you could possibly need to know including what’s in the demo, what sort of computer you’ll need to run it and how you can ensure you get in the multiplayer right away.

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