Limbo May Get Ported to Android and iOS

Limbo May Get Ported to Android and iOS

Playdead’s award winning atmospheric platformer might be winging its way to platforms other than the PSN  and XBLA, a job advert would suggest.

If you haven’t played the Danish developer’s eerie mini-masterpiece, there is a chance you could soon have it in the palm of your hand. Playdead posted a job ad on, saying they are “looking for a programmer to port our games for new platforms”.

“We have already released a game on X360, PS3, Windows, OSX and OnLive and we are continuously investigating other possible platforms”, the advert states. “We are currently investigating the following new platforms; iOS, Win8, Android, NACL and other platforms could become relevant as well”.

Getting Limbo out to new platforms and audiences can only be a good thing. The game was easily one of my top 3 favourites from 2010, winning me and many others over with its tricky yet approachable puzzles and unnerving, otherworldly atmosphere. But how well would Limbo make the potential transition from a console to a portable device?

There’s no reason why a touch screen interface wouldn’t work with the game’s straightforward control scheme, and the monochrome art style should be just as striking on a small screen as a big one. On the other hand, Limbo is a quiet game, and part of its magnificence lies in its subtle, minimalist sound design which might get lost in the bustle of on-the-go gaming. I always felt it was best experienced on a winter’s night with dimmed lighting, not on a crowded train to work amongst rustling newspapers and children kicking the back of your seat. Still, the more people who get to experience the magic of Limbo in some shape or form, the better.

Playdead co-founder Dino Patti told Eurogamer that they “don’t have any official announcement” regarding the port.


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