Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free on PSN

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free on PSN

As of today, you no longer need to own the full retail copy of Killzone 3 to partake in the Helghast slaughterfest that is known as multiplayer.because right now, this very instant, you can download it for free on the PSN.

Killzone 3 may not be the most explosive first person shooter around, but in a over-saturated market it certainly does manage to hold its own., especially in the multiplayer department. As such, Sony has decided to take advantage of the fact that plenty of FPS fans forego the single player experience altogether and release a free download of the games multiplayer experience.

The free download isn’t nearly as barebones as one would think. It comes equipped with the Guerrilla Warfare and Operations game modes as well as all of the maps and DLC to date from Killzone 3.

Unfortunately, there is one string attached. It seems that nothing is truly free anymore and this deal is no different. Players are invited to partake in the fee experience up until they reach Sergeant I rank. After that, you will need to pony up a cool $15 to keep the good times going.

Additionally, to celebrate this release, Sony is ratcheting up the online experience with a Double XP Weekend* that is set to kick off this Friday, March 2 at 8PM PST and run all the way through until Monday at 2pm PST.

*The free version of Killzone 3 Multiplayer will not receive the Double XP Weekend benefits.

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