God of War IV All But Confirmed By Animator’s LinkedIn Profile

God of War IV All But Confirmed By Animator’s LinkedIn Profile

Rumours about a new God of War game are nothing new, but a recent job history listing may well have just confirmed it ahead of time.

Coming from a profile over at Linked In which lists that an animator for House of Moves has been working as a motion capture artist, creating high quality cinematics and motion capture for upcoming games WWE 13, Medal of Honor and also God of War IV, the listing basically reveals that God of War IV is coming sometime in the near future.

Take a look at the full listing:

God of War IV

A God of War IV reveal is therefore exceptionally likely at some point this year, probably being one of the headlining titles at this year’s E3 expo. WWE 13, meanwhile, is totally predictable, and there’s no confirmation whether the Medal of Honor listed is the game that came out in 2010, rather than a new one. God of War IV is definitely new though!

Also adding fuel to the fire last month was a music composer also listing that he’d been working on God of War IV.  Two people can’t be lying, right?

Would you like to see a new God of War and chop lots of people up using Kratos’ epic powers? Let us know in the comments.

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