GAME Will Not Stock Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9

GAME Will Not Stock Mass Effect 3 or Mario Party 9

Bioware’s space opera RPG and Nintendo’s mini game extravaganza are the latest casualties for the retail chain as their credit problems continue.

If you are looking to pick up a copy of Mass Effect 3, Mario Party 9, The Last Story, and a number of other big-name titles from your local GAME or Gamestation in the next month, you might have to hold on for a while. Retailer GAME Group has been experiencing ongoing credit insurance issues that have prevented them from getting stock onto their shelves.

GAME released the following statement on their website:

“We are not in a position to supply our customers with Mass Effect 3. As dedicated gamers, we know how disappointing this will be and we apologise sincerely for the inconvenience that this will cause”.

They have also offered a few compensations for customers who have pre-ordered the title, including a five pound voucher. That’s if you can find a game to spend it on; among other titles, GAME won’t be stocking any games published by EA after SSX comes out on the 2nd of March.

GAME went on to explain:

“The high street is having a tough time at the moment because people have less money to spend”

They cite this as a key reason for their inability to get stock. While it’s true that consumers are strapped for cash in these recession bound times, even the people who can still afford limousines and swimming pools understand that online services are both cheaper and more efficient. And, it would now seem, stand you a better chance of actually getting a game.

It might be a bit excessive to call this the ‘death of gaming retail’ at this stage, but there’s no denying it’s looking peaky. Gamestop is reportedly interested in buying GAME’s UK and Spanish businesses, according to Eurogamer.

On a side note, remember when GAME was called Electronics Boutique? I also remember Starbursts being called Opal Fruits, although I’m not old enough to have ever bought a Marathon instead of a Snickers bar. Why do all the awesome names get changed?

Mass Effect 3 will be available in places that aren’t GAME or Gamestation on March 6th.

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