Final Fantasy X HD: Remake or Remaster?

Final Fantasy X HD: Remake or Remaster?

A few months ago, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy X HD for Playstation and PS Vita then promptly decided to tell us nothing whatsoever about it. Thankfully, that’s changed a tiny bit.

The game, according to producer Shinji Hashimoto, will in fact be a ‘remaster’ rather than a full remake as was rumoured in the past few month. He was quizzed about this during the Tapei Game Show by game journalists, who wanted clarification on the game.

Final Fantasy X is one of my favourite games in the series, so it’s kinda good to see they won’t be messing with it too much. That said, I honestly wouldn’t mind it if they just kept the same core gameplay and put on a lovely coat of FFXIII-esque graphics. Imagine that great scene at the start where Sin attacks Zanarkand all rendered in sexy HD….

Unfortunately that’s about all Shinji had to say about the game, and he’s remaining tight-lipped about release dates and any other concrete details about the title. Expect more reveals in the coming months, most likely at E3.

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