The Last of Us Details: Online, Characters, Backstory and More

The Last of Us Details: Online, Characters, Backstory and More

Information is starting to slowly but surely trickle out concerning Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-apocalyptic new IP The Last of Us. It’s a grisly world.

Revealing details in this month’s Game Informer magazine, Naughty Dog first began with elaborating on how The Last of Us will include some kind of online component, but are keeping it under wraps for the moment. Game director Bruce Straley said: “”We’re working on a bunch of ideas, but we haven’t nailed anything down. We definitely know it’s going to be awesome.”

It’s hard to tell what exactly the online component will be at this point as there’s so little known about the  game. Will it be a competitive multiplayer suite, co-op play or something new entirely? We’ll just have to wait, speculate and wonder.

In addition to revealing the online component, Naughty Dog also talked about the characters and their backstories. If you’ve seen The Last of Us trailer you’ll remember a young girl and an older man battling scores of freaky creatures, stealing things and beating people to death; these characters are 14 year old Ellie and Joel, a man in his late forties.

Ellie is an orphan who’s extremely interested in relics from before the apocalypse. She’s been revealed to live inside a boarding house inside one of the world’s many military quarantine zones, which in turn may reveal that the world of The Last of Us isn’t totally overrun with creatures, but still clings to some form of civilisation. Ellie is also said to love getting into trouble, which may be how she meets Joel.

Joel is a gun and drugs smuggler, selling his wares between quarantine zones. He  is also in some way going to come into contact with the as-of-yet unknown viral fungus that plagues The Last of Us’ world. Whether this has an affect on the gameplay is as of now, unknown.

The story is said to start with Joel being asked by a ‘dying friend’ to smuggle Ellie out of the quarantine zone, where they are pursued by the military. The  two then trek across the country, scavenging to stay alive in the bleak world around them.

A few sparse details have also been revealed about gameplay sections. One such sequence will involve Joel and Ellie fighting against bandits pretending  to  be survivors needing aid. Joel and Ellie are said to fight them away with a mixture of melee attacks involving bricks and wooden planks. The combat is said to see the two protagonists fighting close together, trading weapons on the fly. Meanwhile, Naughty Dog has also confirmed that the game will use health packs but they will take time to apply. It almost seems as if they want to encourage people to avoid combat rather than embrace it, so we’ll have to wait and see what direction it will take.

In addition, Naughty Dog has confirmed the game will have a load of swearing, Gustavo  Sanaolalla (who composed soundtracks for Brokeback Mountain and Babel) is handling the musical score and the team working on the  game is made of ‘Uncharted veterans’ who seem to know a thing or two about stellar gaming presentation.

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