We’re Still Looking for Writers

We’re Still Looking for Writers

Our last attempt to take on a new writer or two ended with a good deal of people failing to contact us back. Their loss is your gain because that means we are on the hunt again.

If your passion for video games extends  beyond merely playing them and drifts dangerously into the obsessive realm of compulsively documenting and sharing your thoughts via the written word then you may be just the person we’re looking for.

We are looking for talented,  fearless, and friendly people who generally don’t suck at writing to fill a few voluntary positions that would include writing news, feature articles, and reviews or any combination of the above. If you know you’re a stellar wordsmith and want to be part of the team, but feel you can’t devote a great deal of time, that’s perfectly fine. We consider ourselves to be fairly laid back and know that most gamers actually have a real life outside the digital realm that they must attend to first. So what have you got to lose? You don’t have to be a college student pursing a degree in journalism, an English major, or even in college at all. All we ask is that you be able to write!

How to apply:

Draft up a well-written email including the following:

  • Name
  • A brief statement about yourself.
  • Your current level of education.
  • Any previous related experience.
  • What you feel you could bring to the ManaTank team.

Send the email to BOTH of the following:

  • Eric.Pederson@ManaTank.com
  • Dan.Curtis@ManaTank.com.

NOTE: Please, please, please proofread these! Poorly written emails look bad when applying for a writing position.

What to expect:

From there we will request a few writing samples according to what you would like to do on site. Details will be given via email.

What we expect if you’re taken on:

ManaTank is growing and we are looking for people to grow with us. Therefore, despite the position being voluntary, we are looking for people who are willing to dedicate a moderate chunk of time to writing for the site. Your on-site presence could range from daily to every couple of days. It’s really up to you.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be part of the team and gain some experience in one of the most entertaining fields of journalism, drop us a line.


At this time we are looking for people who are over the age of 18, but if you are close to turning 18 and happen to absolutely float our boat, then we may be willing to make an exception. No promises though.

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