The Best Video Game Music Moments

The Best Video Game Music Moments

I’ve always been a preacher of the gospel that is video game music. To me, it’s always been the most important tool for creating an emotional response and in this edition of my Mind, I’m gonna run down my all time favorite moments of video game music history.

For me, compiling this list is actually a pretty difficult task. Where do I draw the line between what made these moments so memorable? In many cases I have fond and emotional memories of countless games, where music happened to be playing, but was it the music specifically that made those moments great?

I’ve tried my best to stay focused on scenes where the music played a key role the scenes but obviously there are numerous factors in what made these moments great.

Red Dead Redemption – Dead Man’s Gun, Far Away

Probably the most deserving moment is from Red Dead and for a couple of reasons. I didn’t like Red Dead. In fact I hated it. I thought the gameplay was boring, the story pretty mediocre and the wild west setting contrived and uninteresting. And then, at the game’s last possible chance to impress me, this song rolls during the credits. It didn’t redeem the game for me, but this song has wedged itself firmly into my memory as by far the best moment in Red Dead.

The other part that stood out for me was when on John Marston’s  otherwise uneventful ride to Mexico, this song started playing. Not nearly as touching as the credits song but still worthy of a mention.


Skyrim: Main Theme

Although we’ve all had more than our fill of Skyrim memes (and in all probabilty this song) the first time I encountered a dragon and it started playing sent goosebumps down my spine. Now, unfortunately, it just reminds me of the importance of guarding one’s knees.


Metal Gear – Metal Gear Saga, Snake Eater

It’s almost impossible for me to control my raging MGS hard-on here… As one of my all time favorite video game series there are countless moments that had be cheering at my screen, white-knuckling the controller or sobbing softly into my beard. Forced to pick one, however, would have to be Metal Gear Saga from MGS 4 (the song proper starts around 1:40).

It would be a cold day in hell if I didn’t give Metal Gear’s honorable mention to Snake Eater. James Bond, eat your heart out.


Saint’s Row the Third – Power

Possibly the only allowable use of Kanye in a video game, this opening mission for Saint’s Row the Third was freaking amazing. Play through it with the sound off and it’s awfully mediocre but add a judicious dash of Yeezy and it’s magic time.


Mario 64 – Bowser in the Sky

It wasn’t so long ago that a young, prepubescent Eades was terrified by this boss fight. Possibly one of the most intense moments of my young gaming career, the soundtrack to this Bowser encounter is horrifying. I still can’t hear crazy organ solos without getting the willies.

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