Vice City and GTA 3 Coming To The PSN?

Vice City and GTA 3 Coming To The PSN?

GTA 3 and Vice City may be headed straight for the Playstation Network soon, if recent  ESRB ratings for the titles are anything to judge by.

Joystiq found that both of the games have been rated ‘mature’, usually a tell tale sign that the game is about to released on the PS3. Don’t get your hopes up too much though, these are more than likely straight up ports of the games rather than sexy HD remakes.

Interestingly, San Andreas is yet to receive a rating, which makes you wonder if they’ll release it closer to GTAV’s release, which is also to be based in the same locale as San Andreas took place in.

Of course experiencing GTA 3 and Vice City again may well be worth doing simply for Vice City’s soundtrack alone, which still ranks among one of the best of all time in my opinion. If you haven’t played these games before due to not being born, stupidity and/or insanity, look forward to these classic titles appearing on the PSN hopefully sometime soon.

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