Twisted Metal Demo, Party, and Release Date

Twisted Metal Demo, Party, and Release Date

Twisted Metal obviously failed to meet its previously announced Holiday release date, but that’s OK. Because a psychopathic, mass murdering clown arrives precisely when he means to.

Jaffe relieved us all from our pain and suffering as he finally announced an official release date for the upcoming PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal. Additionally, he announced that the game would be receiving a demo as well which is set to start February 1st.

UPDATE: It appears that the Twisted Metal demo is live on the PSN right now.

Unfortunately, the demo will only last until February 8th; probably because the full retail copy will be available on the 14th in North America and on the 17th in Europe.

Finally, Jaffe revealed that all new versions of the game will be shipped with a free copy of Twisted Metal Black, which, for this version, will be surprisingly devoid of any and all cutscenes.

If you happen to find yourself in or around the San Francisco bay area this Thursday you may want to make your way over to the official Twisted Metal Multiplayer Tournament and Community Meetup. There you can compete for top honors and win yourself a Twisted Metal laser-etched PS3. Special prizes will also be handed out to participants and the top 10 players. Jaffe and co. will be there handing out these exclusive items all night long, but you need to be there to win!

Check out the full details of the party here.

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