Skyrim 1.4 Update Will Fix Dreaded PS3 Lag

Skyrim 1.4 Update Will Fix Dreaded PS3 Lag

It’s taken two months nearly, but finally the Skyrim lag problem of doom that plagues PS3 users and stops their relentless dragon hunting will finally be addressed with the newest Skyrim update.

The 1.4 update for Skyrim is planned for sometime this month (no clues to the exact date yet) and Bethesda is promising to deliver the much-needed fix that will allow Ps3 players to once again play their Skyrim adventure without lagging everywhere.

The information about the new updates comes to light after Bethesda was quizzed on Twitter about the lag being addressed and they responded with “”we’re addressing that in the 1.4 update planned for this month.”

All I can say is thank the lord – my version of Skyrim has been all but unplayable since early December and I’m itching to once again get adventuring and FUS-RO-DA some fools off buildings, cliff-faces and everywhere else I can think of.

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