Skyrim 1.4 Accepting Beta Testers

Skyrim 1.4 Accepting Beta Testers

We’re all more than well aware that last years’s life-consuming behemoth, Skryim, has more than its fair share of issues. Bethesda has attempted to address many of the major issues and is now looking for people to play guinea pig.

Last week Dan Curtis posted a rather lengthy exposé explaining in impressive detail what exactly it was the fabled 1.4 patch will be fixing when it finally manages to drop. But if you are playing Skyrim, chances are you’re the adventurous type, so why not simply find out first hand what the patch fixes?

If you happen to be playing on the PC you have the option to risk it all and opt into a beta… for a patch. That can only mean one thing: this patch is big. Bethesda is suggesting that anyone who does so backup any and all of their save files before embarking on this adventure.

To opt into the beta simply log into your Steam account and select the Account tab. From there select the Settings section and click “change” on the option that says ‘Beta Participation’. Then, restart your Steam client and have at it. Don’t worry, this is not a permanent change as you can simply undo the above steps to revert yourself back into what could potentially be a less broken version of the game, depending on how the patch goes.

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