Put Some Vampires in Your Pocket with Dark Legends

Put Some Vampires in Your Pocket with Dark Legends

If you’re any sort of an MMO fan, chances are you’ve at least tried Pocket Legends and Star Legends. But what if you relate a bit more to the dark and sinister side of life?

From the creators of the massively popular Legends MMO franchise, which boasts a staggering seven million downloads, comes yet another MMO application titled Dark Legends.

The struggle between man and Vampire rages on as the End of Times approach. Man has finally decided that the Vampires must be done away with, but the Vampire Nation assures they won’t go quietly. Enlarging their ranks, the Nation is ready to fight to defend their place as the rightful rules of the night.

Developed by Spacetime Studios, Dark Legends will be a horror themed MMO application available on Android, iOS, and Google Chrome at some point during the first quarter of 2012.

For more details check out the official Dark Legends website.


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