Will The PS Vita Get a Price Drop?

Will The PS Vita Get a Price Drop?

With Japanese retailers slashing money off the full retail price of the new PS Vita just a few weeks after launch, all eyes are turned to the Western world, wondering whether Sony will change the RRP of the device.

Sony’s latest handheld has not a good first few weeks over in Japan. Starting off with a decent 325,000 units shipped during the first 45 hours the device was on sale, the sales of the Vita have since been in decline with only a mere fraction (72,429) units being sold during the trailing week after launch. It may sound like a lot on paper, but it really is a small amount of sales for the highly lucrative Japanese market.

Several news outlets are now reporting that as a result of the lack of sales, a selection of Japanese retailers are slashing the prices of the Vita by up to 20%.  Gamesradar recently reported that some retailers have already slashed the price of the new handheld to 24,999 Yen – around £209/$326. The Vita’s full bundle with integrated 3G  is currently scheduled to retail in the US and European markets for $299/£279.99, so this quick price drop in Japan has to make you wonder whether Sony will decide to reprice the device ahead of the February 22nd 2012 release date.

The current price plans do seem a tad steep for a handheld device; with a February release date and everyone struggling along after Christmas, this may mean initial sales in NA/Europe may not be very large. You have to think that Sony is at least considering re-structuring the price of the device based on initial Japanese sales; they could also take a note of Nintendo’s failure with the 3DS, which saw poor sales until the cost of the device was reduced in late 2011.

The initial decline in sales in Japan has been blamed on everything ranging from strong 3DS sales to people not wanting the device because basically everyone has a smartphone at the moment. There’s also mentions of their not being a launch Monster Hunter title, which is a huge franchise in Japan.

What do you think? Will  Sony slash the price of the PS Vita for the Western market, or will they stand firm and hope that their current pricing plan isn’t too alienating? Let us know in the comments.


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