PS Vita Launch Day Bundle Announced

PS Vita Launch Day Bundle Announced

With concerns ramping up about Vita’s lack of memory cards and other niggles, Sony has stepped up the plate and is now offering special Vita bundles to those who brave the cold and purchase the device on launch day.

If you preordered the First Edition bundle, which comes with the Vita itself, a limited edition case, a 4GB mem card and the game Little Deviants, Sony is bundling a AT&T DataConnect Session Pass and a free Playstation network game, both provided on activating your 3G.

In addition to that, Sony as announced that they are creating an ‘extremely limited edition’ PS Vita 3G and Wifi bundle which will net you an 8GB PS Vita Memory Card, an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass and a Playstation Network game. There will be no extra cost, but the limited edition is only available to customers who brave the cold in February on launch day, meaning you should put on your best bobble hat, get a tent and camp outside of your local gaming store for the next few weeks.

If you’re seriously considering getting a Vita, getting one bundled with a memory card is probably going to be a high priority, particularly since there’s no extra cost. Good luck out there. Really hope it doesn’t snow and your tent turns into an igloo and if you’re not braving the cold and buying a Vita, why not relive the launch day fun by sticking your head in a freezer for two hours, then colliding with various people in a mad rush?

Source: Playstation Blog

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