MW3 Will Consume Your Soul Via Constant Updates

MW3 Will Consume Your Soul Via Constant Updates

Need a reason to completely invest your life and soul into Modern Warfare 3? Probably not – but MW3’s developers are promising a slew of changes designed to captivate and hold your interest….forever….

As Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said: “This franchise doesn’t really behave like most franchises,” he said, referring to the ridiculously popular COD franchise, “It’s become something of a year-round activity for a large percentage of our player population.” This quote, spoken to Wired, refers to the plans for Modern Warfare 3 to offer a new and exciting experience every so often via ‘constant updates’.

We don’t know exactly what these updates will be as of yet, but Hirshberg has also stated that they won’t just be map packs, and may instead be new spec-ops missions or actual missions outside of both multiplayer and spec-ops modes. Again, no confirmation on whether that means story DLC, but it could.

“One of the things that was most appealing when we were researching these ideas with consumers is the idea of breaking up the DLC so that it comes more often and more regularly,” Hirshberg said. “We want to provide DLC to people more often and also experiment with more of a variety in the forms of playable content.”

So what this basically means is you’re going to be bombarded with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 content until the game looks nothing like it did in the beginning and will be brimming with DLC.  It’s not going to be cheap, but COD Elite subscribers will of course get all of the downloadable content as part of their subscription.

Since the title has shipped over 6 million units on day one of it being released, you can safely bet that Activision’s DLC plan will be appreciated by the huge Call of Duty community.



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